Top 7 Best Beach Hats Women Will Love

Ready for some fun in the sun? Whether you plan to lounge in the sand with a sizzling summer read or rollick in the water for a splashy cool-down, a fabulous beach hat is a must for every woman. But there are a few important things to consider other than how cute your beach hat is going to look on you — namely, the brim size, the fabric, how easily it can be packed, and whether or not you can adjust the fit.

Read on for your beach hat checklist, then get ready to shop the best beach hats for women, including the hottest wide-brim styles, floppy hats, and embellished headpieces.

Brim Size Matters

The best beach hats have wide brims of 3 inches or more. Far better than a basic baseball cap or sun visor that only shields your eyes and parts of your face, a wide-brim hat offers sun protection for your ears and neck as well — areas that are often overlooked, but just as important to protect.

Fabric and Foldability

Straw hats and those made from other natural fibers including cotton and linen make ideal summer hats because they are lightweight, breathable, and typically crushable. A packable sun hat is one that you can throw in your beach bag and not worry about ruining its shape. You should also look for hats that have a UPF50 rating, which means the fabric itself offers additional sun protection from harmful UV rays.

Adjustment Features

Sun hats that can be adjusted with chin cords, chin straps, and inner drawstrings are excellent for ensuring your topper stays on your head during a breezy beach day. If your beach hat doesn't have any of these features, you can always use sizing tape to achieve the right fit. (FYI, every hat purchased from Tenth Street Hats includes two free pieces of sizing tape.)

Wide Brim Hats

Big brims are ideal when it comes to beach-time fun. Get the most coverage with these wide brim sun hats that are as stylish as they are sensible. Want more? Browse our full selection of womens wide brim hats.

Elgans by Scala

Classic, chic, confident: Elgans by Scala is that special kind of beach straw hat that never goes out of style. Made from palm fiber and equipped with a 5-inch brim, this hat will keep the sun out of yoiur face from every angle, giving you a lifestime of style under the sun.

Diego by Scala

This straw boater hat is for the beach-goer who appreciates understated elegance, even when trudging through the sand in a bikini. Crafted with paper braid straw, Diego by Scala is a wide-brim summer hat featuring a 4-inch brim and a black grosgrain band. Available in toast (seen above), natural, black, and grey, you're bound to find the perfect neutral hue that goes with any outfit. This hat is packable as well, meaning you can fold, crush, or squish it into your suitcase for your next vacay, without worrying about ruining it's structure.

Sanibel by Scala

It’s called a facesaver for a reason. The Sanibel Scala Collezione crushable straw hat is equipped with a 3 3/4-inch brim and UPF50+ for ultimate sun protection. Plus, it's designed with a moisture-wicking COOLMAX elasticized sweatband to keep you calm, cool, and collected all day long.

Seaview by Scala

Lifeguard hats may seem like a niche item, but in truth they're versatile and adaptable to just about any situation. And the Seaview lifeguard hat by Scala is no different. Equipped with a 5-inch brim, chin cord, and elasticized sweatband this hat is ready for any sunny adventure coming your way, whether it's a pool, beach. or lake-adjacent outing.

Floppy Hats

The quintessential beach hat style, the floppy hat is the furthest thing from a flop when it comes to fun in the sun. With a wide brim and laid-back silhouette, floppies are a must for summer. These are just a few of our favorites, so be sure to peruse our larger selection of womens floppy hats.

Levanzo by Scala

Your new summer hat crush has arrived. The Levanzo by Scala  is the kind of crushable straw floppy that looks good on every face shape. Foldable and lightweight, this hand-crocheted raffia hat offers a 3 1/2-inch brim for maximum sun protection.

Embellished Hats

From playful patterns and prints to eye-catching details, embellished beach hats are perfect for the woman who likes to make a statement by the seashore.

Passiflora by Scala

Yes, dahling. You look marvelous. Translated to the "passion flower," the Passiflora wide brim by Scala is  a full-on affair with flair. Made of braided raffia, this wide-brim beach hat dazzles with a 4-inch brim that will protect your face, neck, and shoulders.

Maltide by Scala

With this palm fiber straw safari hat, you'll waltz through summer like you were walking on clouds. Ideal for the beach and sun-filled afternoons, this lovely piece will have you feeling like dancing in no time.

Beachy Keen

When the summer sun is out, having fun is a must, but it's also essential to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. The great news is that you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars (Eugenia Kim hats, we're talking about you) to find the perfect topper that will give you as much style as it does substance. Once you know what to look for, it's time to fulfill your wish list.

For more beach-time inspiration, be sure to peruse our larger selection of womens beach hats and get shopping!

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