Shop This Style: 8 Floppy Hats You’ll Love

Far from being a fleeting fad, floppy hats have become an enduring wardrobe staple for fashionistas any time of year. It might seem ironic that a drooping hat would be an instant pick-me-up, but this wide-brim topper adds fun, boho-chic flair to any outfit.

Floppy hats feature a brim of at least 3 inches to get that signature droop, and while the round crown is a classic, many now feature pinched crowns, such as the fedora and safari hat styles. (To brush up on your hat terminology, be sure to check out our helpful guide to the anatomy of a hat.)

Floppy hats come in a variety of fabrics — depending on the material you choose, these versatile wide-brim hats will carry you through any season. A straw floppy hat is a must-have for warmer temperatures and wool floppies are perfect for the colder season. Unlike a baseball cap or short-brim hat that only shields your eyes and part of your face, a floppy hat will protect your entire face; those with even larger brims will cover your ears, neck, and shoulders, too.  

To find your next favorite floppy hat, take a look at some of our top picks below and feel free to peruse our larger selection of womens floppy hats for even more must-have styles. And be sure that you're choosing the right fit with our handy guide on how to measure your hat size.

Straw Floppy Hats

When the heat is on and you're ready to add some sizzle to your style, a floppy straw sun hat is all you need.

Rayne by Scala

As functional as it is fashionable, Rayne by Scala is a round-crown floppy sun hat with a feminine feel. Hand-crocheted seagrass makes for a crushable, take-it-anywhere hat that can be thrown in the beach bag (or squeezed in the suitcase) with your cover-up and other seaside essentials. Meanwhile the artful open weave and 3 3/4-inch scalloped brim add a ladylike touch. Rayne is perfect for a trip to Southern California or when you simply want to exude that easy-breezy, laidback Cali style.

Amelia by Scala

Hand-crocheted raffia straw combined with linen texture band and bow make this Scala Collezione big brim beach hat can’t miss. Amelia by Scala is crushable and sturdy enough for travel and light and practical enough for sun protection on a summer day, making a lovely addition to your wardrobe.

Pelican by Tommy Bahama

There's no better way to welcome in the warm middle months than with a straw round crown hat, brim pulled just over one eye. Pelican by Tommy Bahama is equipped with a UPF50+ sun protection rating, making it ideal for the beach, pool, or any outdoor adventure.

Wool Floppy Hats

When the weather cools down and you want a stylishly chill look, a wool floppy is a sensational statement-making winter hat.

Sonora by Scala

It's no surprise that Sonora by Scala is a bestseller. With its round crown, wool felt construction, and goes-with-everything understated contour, this fierce floppy can hold its own on any occasion from an outdoor fall wedding to a night out with the girls. The 4-inch brim adds a dash of drama that draws people in closer, and the wax cord band keeps the sleek "less is more" ethos in tact.

Adelle by Scala

Don’t just walk and follow the crowd, float on to your next destination. The floppy brim and boater hat design on the Adelle by Scala will give you an even more striking silhouette as you move from one place to the next. Get ready for the compliments to start pouring in whenever you rock this style.

Nayarit by Scala

A conversation-starting hat if ever there was one, the Nayarit by Scala makes a statement before you ever say a word. Made of vegan leather and decorated with studs and rings, this wide-brim style puts an edgey twist on a classic shape. Adjustable for any hat size and packable into any suitcase, this hat is an absolute essential.

Flipping for Floppies

A floppy hat is a favorite for many reasons. Not only is it a fun fashion statement with its loose wide brim, but it's also a practical solution for protecting your face. What's more, floppy hats come in a variety of fabrics from straw to wool, making them a versatile choice no matter what time of year.

Take a look at these great ideas on how to store floppy hats and how to clean a hat so you can enjoy your own for years to come. For even more hats with flair, be sure to check out our top Kentucky Derby hat picks for headwear that will really turn heads. And don't miss our new arrivals with our latest selection of floppy hats for all occasions.

Shop This Style: 8 Floppy Hats You’ll Love

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