Here Are the 7 Best Summer Hats Guys Can’t Live Without

When it comes to choosing the best summer hats for guys, all of the choices can make it a little daunting. That's why we've assembled an easy-breezy list of the best men's hats for summer that will help you stay cool while braving the heat.

It’s important to find the best hats when you're spending more time outside and engaging in outdoor activities. You also want to make sure that whatever hat you're wearing suits your lifestyle and provides the finishing touch for your summer wardrobe.

Whether you're a casual baseball cap kind of guy or a dashing gent who isn't afraid to rock a wide brim hat or fedora, you'll find just what you need with our list of the essential summer hats for guys.

Bucket Hat

Here Are the 8 Best Summer Hats Guys Can’t Live Without

Whether it brings to mind fly-fishing dads and Gilligan's Island or old-school LL Cool J and Jay Z, the bucket hat is one of the most familiar hat styles for men. If you have Columbia and Patagonia in your closet, then the bucket hat is for you.

Often made of cotton, canvas, or polyester blends, the bucket is marked by its relaxed fit and extended brim that looks very similar to the stiffer-brimmed boonie hat. Bucket hats are among the best sun protection hats not only because they protect your face from the sun's harmful rays, but because they also protect that often-overlooked body part: your ears.

Baseball Cap

Here Are the Eight Best Summer Hats Guys Can’t Live Without

It doesn't get more all-American classic than sporting a baseball cap with a t-shirt and your favorite pair of jeans. But did you know the first baseball hats were actually made of straw? The New York Knickerbockers first sported the creation in 1849 and since then, this iconic men's hat has evolved into a must-have for every generation.

While baseball caps look great in cotton fabrics, try something more sophisticated, like leather and suede to elevate your style.

Wide Brim Hat

Here Are the Best Summer Hats Guys Can’t Live Without

So you want to keep it casual while still looking like you just stepped out of a men's fashion magazine? A wide brim hat is just what you need to pull it off. Along with a serious dose of self-confidence, of course.

The key is to choose a wide brim hat that doesn't feel costumey — it should feel comfortable and well, like you. (Take a lesson from Pharrell and his infamous “Grammy hat.” Even he had to deal with an onslaught of teasing for his extra-large chapeau.)

For something simple yet sophisticated, this hand-crocheted gambler hat from Scala is a good place to start. You'll be protected from the sun and stylish all at once.

Panama Hat

The 8 Best Summer Hats Guys Can’t Live Without

Transport yourself to the tropics even if you're in the middle of the city with a sleek Panama hat. Panamas are lightweight, breathable, and the supreme accessory for that linen suit you've been waiting to wear all year long. You'll exude timeless charisma like Gregory Peck, Brad Pitt, Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Sir Anthony Hopkins, and Prince Charles.

Just don't let the name fool you — Panama hats originate from Ecuador, where they are still made today. You can't go wrong with this hand-woven Panama straw hat designed by Scala that boasts a wide brim and vented crown. This quintessential men’s summer hat is as perfect for a lazy day by the pool as it is at a swanky summertime wedding.

Fedora Hat

The Eight Best Summer Hats Guys Can’t Live Without

Casual or dressy, summer or fall, black or white (or anything in between), the fedora is nothing short of a phenomenon. This timeless silhouette of the soft brimmed chapeau with indented crown conjures up nostalgic images of Humphrey Bogart, Frank Sinatra, and yes, Indiana Jones.

Although frequently considered ideal for colder months, fedoras make great summer hats for men as long as you choose the right material. Get yourself a straw fedora hat or a high-quality polybraid version such as this fedora designed by Scala featuring a striped ribbon band and sweatband that will keep you looking (and feeling) cool all summer long.

Flat Cap Hat

A flat cap is sort of a catchall description for men's hat styles that include newsboy caps, ivy caps, and duckbills. Flat caps are simply flattish, rounded caps with a small stiff brim in front.

Sure, you won't get much sun protection from this hat style, but it's one of the easiest and most comfortable to throw on when the heat is on and you don't feel like doing your hair. Try this Stetson-designed brown flat cap in polished weathered cotton for an effortlessly cool finish to any look day or night.

Straw Hat

8 Best Summer Hats for Guys

Whether you're hiking in the great outdoors, soaking in the sun at the beach, or going on a road trip across America, straw hats are a summertime essential. Lightweight, durable, and available in countless styles, it's an ideal sun hat that offers great air flow whether you're bald or have tons of hair.

Plus, these sun protective straw hats shield you from harmful UV rays, and wearing one with a chin cord offers even more stability. Grab your hand-crocheted straw outback hat and get ready to enjoy the long days of summer.

Top Off Your Summer Look

When it comes to finding the best summer hats for guys, there is no wrong answer as long as you're asking the right questions. Does it have a comfortable fit? Does it suit your style? Does it serve its purpose? Do you feel good in it?

Once you have tackled those basics, you can rest assured that whatever men's summer hat you've chosen is just what you need. Summer is only a few months long, but once you choose a hat that you love, you’ll enjoy it year after year.  

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