How to Store a Hat: 3 Storage Hacks

When it comes to storing hats, there are some definite right and wrong ways to go about it. Whether you're a hat-wearing newbie or a longtime aficionado, many would argue that it's perfectly fine to leave a hat such as a fedora laying flat on a shelf when it's not in use. And when it comes to storing an everyday baseball cap, most wouldn't give a second thought to throwing it on the nearest chair, couch, table, or desk.

Both of these examples are major no-nos. Sure, there are some crushable and casual hats that might be OK without much attention, but any hat that you actually care about (including soft caps) will require appropriate storage if you want to enjoy them for years to come. Storing your hats properly will help them stay clean and keep shape.

To help you select the best way to properly store your hat when you're not wearing it, check out the following options that are surprisingly simple and effective.

How to Store a Hat: 3 Storage Hacks — Hat Boxes

Hat Boxes

The best method for storing hats is to use a hat box. This is the most surefire way to avoid dust and keep the hat's structure in tact. Admittedly, keeping hats in their own boxes requires a little more effort to store, remove, and return every time the hat is in use. Plus, the amount of space that hat boxes require might make it seem impractical for those living in small spaces — especially if you have a sizeable hat collection consisting of floppy hats, fedoras, sun hats, and other wide-brimmed hats. But there are some easy storage solutions to consider.

If the hat came in a box when purchased, use it for storage. If your hat didn't come with its own box, you can find hat boxes in a variety of colors, patterns, and shapes at craft supply stores as well as online. You could even use these creatively designed boxes as part of your home decor. You don't even need to buy actual hat boxes. Wide shoe boxes or even clear plastic boxes also work well.

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How to Store a Hat: 3 Storage Hacks — Hat Hook

Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are a practical solution to store hats when space saving and easy access are the prime considerations. Want to see all your hat options and have them readily available at any given moment? Hooks and hat hangers provide the kind of hat storage you need. The key is to place the wall hooks away from direct sunlight as this will fade any hat. The bonus of using wall hooks is that it artfully showcases your hats, effectively becoming wall decor that is part of your interior design whether in a bedroom, dining room, or home office.

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How to Store a Hat: 3 Storage Hacks — Closet Storage

Storage Organizers

In the closet, under the bed, or behind a door. No, we're not talking about places monsters like to hide. These are just a few hat storage ideas to keep your favorite hat clean and safe. There's an endless variety of hat organizers available at home stores and online, but we've narrowed it down to the best options that save time and space.

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How to Store a Hat: Storage Hacks

Hats Off to You

It might seem like a lot of work to keep your hat looking fresh even after years of wear, but the first step is knowing how to properly store it. If you do this, you can avoid unnecessary cleaning and keep it's shape for years. With these easy tips, you’re sure to keep any hat looking newer, longer.

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