6 Mens Travel Hats for Every Climate

When it's time to set off on your next adventure, a hat is just what you need to top off the occasion. Whether you're heading to a sunny tropical paradise or snow-covered wonderland, look no further than our trusty guide that will equip you with everything you need to know before packing your bags.

Find out what important features make a good travel hat, which styles are best suited for life on the road, and then get ready to shop the best travel hats for men. And if you have any questions about hat size, don't miss our sizing chart and guide.

Travel Hat Checklist

6 Mens Travel Hats for Every Climate - Hat checklist

Make your list and check it twice. Then gear up for some serious globe trotting.


Otherwise known as packable or foldable hats, crushable hats are an ideal travel companion because you can throw them in a suitcase, scrunch them up in handbag, or fold them in a backpack and they'll keep their shape. Of course, some wrinkling and creasing is to be expected, but a well-made crushable hat will rebound even after being knocked around. Crushable hats come in virtually every style and many materials, from cotton baseball caps and flat caps to straw hats and wool fedoras. And just so you know, every hat on this list is crushable.


Like the rest of your wardrobe, your hat should reflect where you're going. If your travels are taking you to a sun-filled destination, a sun hat with a high UPF rating is a good idea. Along with putting sunscreen on your skin, wearing a hat with UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) fabric offers effective sun protection from harmful UV rays. If possible, choose a hat with a UPF50 rating or higher. If you are heading to colder climates where snow or rain await you, look for water-repellent hats that won't get ruined when exposed to the elements.

Wide Brim

While a wide-brim hat (3 inches or larger) offers maximum sun protection for the face, ears, and neck, some guys don't like the look of an extended brim or feel it's too cumbersome. If that's you, not to worry. You can still rock a hat with a shorter brim that will shield your face to some degree, just be sure to wear sunscreen when traveling to a sunny locale.  

Top Mens Hats for Travel

All aboard! From crushable sun hats to toasty-warm toppers, these adventure hats are sure to become your favorite travel companion wherever you go.

Timray by Indiana Jones

This cotton safari hat by Indiana Jones is a winner for warm-weather and cool destinations alike. The crown's deep center crease, grosgrain band, and upturn brim create a masculine, yet fashionable edge. Simultaneously, the 3-inch wide brim offers plenty of sun protection, and the cotton sweatband ensures a comfortable fit all day long. Don't forget the cotton composition, which makes packing a cinch.

Puerto by Scala

Hello, handsome. Made from braided raffia in a classic neutral tone, the Puerto outback hat by Scala is the perfect combination of style and substance.  Unlike most Panama hats, which require more attention to avoid cracking and damage to the weave, this packable straw hat offers ultimate flexibility. Plus, the 3-inch brim provides the sun protection you expect from a summer hat while it's vented crown promises a cool, comfortable experience.

Norfork by Scala

Proving that travel hats don't have to skimp on elegance, is destined to become your favorite fedora hat whether dressed up or dressed down. The not-too- 2 -inch brim and relaxed fit make it an ideal choice all year long, but the water-repellent wool felt makes it an excellent winter hat. Unlike the structured crown of a pork pie hat, the fedora's pinched crown is more pliable and better suited for packing on your next globe-trotting adventure.

Everest by Scala

Howdy, partner. With its classic outback styling, Everest by Scala is perfect for the guy who likes the look of western headgear but doesn't want to fully commit to wearing a cowboy hat. Fully packable and beautifully constructed of water-repellent wool felt, Phoenix features a 3-inch brim topped with an embroidered leather band. Plus, it's designed with earlaps for extra warmth during those chilly winter nights.

Mobile by Scala

A truly timeless topper, Mobile by Scala is just what you need during your next jaunt to Europe. Maybe it's because the flat cap (also called an ivy cap) has its origins in 14th century England, but you can't help but look like a proper English gent when wearing this. Made of water repellent cotton, this easy-to-pack cap works especially well in chilly destinations. Peruse our full selection of flat caps and newsboy caps for even more stylish travel options.

Switchback by Stetson

6 Mens Travel Hats for Every Climate - Switchback

Gone fishing? A mashup of styles — it's a boonie hat, bucket hat, and packable sun hat all in one — Switchback by Stetson is the perfect outdoor hat. Constructed of lightweight No Fly Zone nylon, this boonie hat is supremely flexible (read: packable) and offers solid sun protection with a 2 1/2-inch brim and added neck flaps. It also has a chin cord with adjustable fit toggle and moisture-wicking sweatband to keep your hat feeling comfortable all day long. If your itinerary includes an outdoor adventure, this hat checks off every item on your wishlist.

Safe Journey

Whether traveling near or far, strolling the cobblestone streets of Europe, setting off on a pleasure cruise, or hiking through the American northwest, there are plenty of practical yet polished travel hats for men.

From a collapsible sun hat to a foldable fedora, mens hats come in many different styles and materials so you're sure to find one that fits not only your head, but also reflects your own sense of style. Check out our full selection of mens crushable hats for even more travel inspiration.

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