Bigger Is Better: Mens Wide Brim Hats

When you think of wide-brimmed hats, there's a good chance you think of them as something women wear. And you're right. After all, who can keep count of the ubiquitous floppy hats that crop up on ladies come summer or fall?

But wide brims are more than a popular women's hat style. They are a legit look for guys who are ready to break the baseball cap barrier and step up their hat game.

So what constitutes a wide-brim hat? It's one with a brim that measures at least 3 inches. This comes in handy in warm weather when the sun is blazing and you need to protect your face, ears, and neck from harmful UV rays. A wide brim also makes for an excellent shield from rain, snow, and other cold-weather elements.

Beyond practicality, wide-brim hats offer some serious sartorial swagger. They demand attention whether dressed up or dressed down. Read on to learn more about the best mens wide-brim hat styles and let our hat size chart help you find the perfect fit before you buy.  

Wide-Brim Mens Hat Styles

Head's up: Learn the finer points of wide-brim hats then shop our new arrivals before deciding which ones work for you.

Fedora Hat

Arguably the most iconic mens hat aside from the baseball cap, the fedora hat is a piece of fashion history that has long fascinated both men and women. With a pliable brim, dented crown, and side pinches, it's a form that works for countless face shapes and occasions.

Sure, it has its fair share of haters these days, but we blame the trilby for that misfortune. (Take a look at our breakdown of the trilby vs. the fedora and you'll know what we mean.)

Fedoras with shorter brims are a popular choice, but a wide-brim fedora like the eye-catching Finlay by Stacy Adams is a fine finish as long as you have the swagger to go along with it. Although fedoras were originally felt hats made of fur felt or wool felt, today you can find everything from straw fedoras to felt fedora hats to leather, cotton, and synthetic versions.

Cowboy Hat

Also called a western hat, cowboy hats might conjure up images of old John Wayne movies, but it's a timeless topper that has moved from the dusty saloons of the Wild West to today's asphalt jungles across the country.

Displaying a tall crown and often made from straw or wool felt, these wide-brimmed hats are usually rolled up at the edges, giving them that distinct cowboy look. Try out the western look with the Lonestar cowboy hat by Justin. Made in Mexico of 100% wool, this authentic western hat is an absolute show stopper.

Safari Hat

Similar to a fedora hat in shape and style, safari hats are versatile wide-brim hats that come in materials ranging from straw to canvas to cotton to wool felt. Noted for its wide brim that gently slopes downward all around, safari hats also feature a medium to high crown that's creased in the center.

Try the Richmond by Scala for those cool-weather days when a basic baseball cap won't do. Made out of wool felt, this hat adds just enough appeal, without going over the top.

Bucket Hat

Also called a boonie hat (also spelled booney hat), bucket hats have become the hipster "it" hat of the moment. Maybe it's because bucket hats don't require you to take yourself too seriously. Or maybe it's the allure of the droopy brim — the incognito vibe is something A-listers can't seem to resist. Celebs from Jay-Z to Pharrell, Brad Pitt to Leo have been spotted sporting this style.

Check off your own bucket hat list with the Rowan boonie hat by Dorfman Hat Co. A more practical selection, this hat features a 3-inch wide brim, chin cord, and elasticized sweatband, all guaranteed to keep you shady and comfortable all summer long.

Outback Hat

Bigger Is Better: Mens Wide Brim Hats - Outback Hat

A rugged yet polished hat style for men, outback hats (also called Aussie hats) are identified by a wide brim, teardrop crown shape, and slightly shorter profile than safari hats. The brim is also turned up slightly on the sides, much like a western hat.

To rock this look, you can't miss with our best-selling Albuquerque outback hat. Crafted from high-quality Ecuadorian Panama, this popular outback features a 3-inch wide brim and sleek leather band that will keep your look clean an simple. Even better, you can give it a whirl with the virtual try-on that offers a sneak peek before you even get it home.

Large and In Charge

Unlike baseball caps and golf hats with their short visors and modest size, wide-brim hats are excellent protectors from the elements, whether it's the scorching heat or freezing chill. For even more ideas, take a look at our full selection of mens wide-brim hats. And be sure to check our guide on how a hat should fit so you always look and feel your best.

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